Can I find the products that are shown on this site in stores?
No, products shown on PreeLine.com are future season products that will arrive in stores in the coming weeks. Check the product details to see when the product will be arriving in stores.

How can I find my friends?
You can search for your friends by typing their name in the search box. You can also connect your email/Facebook profile to PreeLine in the “Following” tab to see which of your friends are on PreeLine. Finally, you can find them in the suggested followers section in the “Following” tab.

How can I add brands to my “Brand Bar”?
As a member you get to create your own brand bar so that you only see the collections you are interested in seeing. To add brands to your “Brand Bar” simply click on the “add brands” button and click on the logos of the brands you would like to add.

How to I delete a brand from my “Brand Bar”?
Click on “add brands” and click on the logos of the brands you would like to delete. They will turn a muted color and will drop down from the “favorite brands” list.

What happens to the products that I've “loved”? br | These products will show up in your profile under the “loves” tab.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to Julia@preeline.com and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can. Now let’s start discovering new treasures!